Saturday 22 August 2015

10 Flawless #AFLPiesTigers Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 10 Flawless #AFLPiesTigers Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. A picture perfect day at the @MCG and a @Richmond_FC win over the Pies #AFLPiesTige
  2. Huge day for @Richmond_FC. Ty bags six as Tiges thrash @CollingwoodFC.  #gotiges #AFLPiesTigers
  3. Pendlebury: "That was my first time playing in a game that didn't mean anything." #AFLPiesTigers
  4. Another one of the great days in modern #football ! @Richmond_FC @AFL #AFLPiesTigers  in front of more than 63,000  @MCG
  5. Gotta be a record crowd for an open training session. #AFLPiesTigers @3AWisfootball
  6. Lloydy: "How can you have 10 more inside 50s than your opposition and lose by nearly 100 points?" #AFLPiesTigers
  7. Hey Dusty, how many goals did Houli kick today? #AFLPiesTigers 
  8. Pies definitely travelling in the right direction. #AFLPiesTigers
  9. Make that 12 goal kickers, as Dusty, Ivan, Bachar, Ty and Brando link up and Ellis nails the goal. Rich 147 Coll 55 #AFLPiesTigers #gotiges
  10. The Tigers are kicking them from everywhere. #AFLPiesTigers

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