Friday 21 August 2015

10 Magnificent #BBMPelections Tweet Trending On Twitter

10 Kickass #KejriMovies Tweet Trending On Twitter.

Here we are sharing 10 Magnificent #BBMPelections Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. Bengaluru Civic Polls Today, Counting of Votes on August 25 - NDT #BBMPelections
  2. Voter turnout in 1st 3 hours of #BBMPelections is shockingly low. This is a bad sign @divyaspandana
  3. #BBMPelections is at top! Know the hourly TOP trends.
  4. Over 200 names missing in a polling station in South Bangalore. #BBMPelections. Reports @sunitha_rao .
  5. CM Siddaramaiah said #BBMPelections is not a referendum on his Govts performance.Yes.its a referendum on Modi's Governance @MDPai05 #BBMP
  6. bangalorian and proud! go out and vote today if you dont want to feel like an idiot later #BBMPelections
  7. Voted for a better Bengaluru !!! #BBMPelections 2015 
  8. 1940s :: Brigade Road,  Bangalore #BBMPelections
  9. If BJP wins it will not be a referendum against Congis but if they lose it will definitely be a referendum against NAMO! #BBMPelections
  10. Morning my friends hope everyone is voting today :) #BBMPelections

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