Tuesday 18 August 2015

10 Outstanding #askjack Tweet's Trending On Twitter

10 Outstanding #askjack Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 10 Outstanding #askjack Tweet's Trending On Twitter.

  1. I thought this was for @JackJackJohnson  and @jackgilinsky  #askjack
  2. What's worse @jackwhitehall Netflix and Chill with Rob Patterson or an hour lecture on politics from your dad? #askjack
  3. @jackwhitehall This Thursday morning on the show will you attempt a press-up with @Lisa_Snowdon sitting on your back? #askjack
  4. #askjack what did you get in your gcses or a levels
  5. @jackwhitehall #askJack do you remember when I told you to have a nice wee at the Soho House Festival? how was it? #askjack
  6. @jackwhitehall how are you not the host of some overly dramatic American night show with your epitome of Englishness? #askjack
  7. Yes my father Martin is killed by a stampede of wildebeest and becomes a spirit in the sky #askjack
  8. @jackwhitehall #askjack - would you rather have thumb sized legs or leg sized thumbs?
  9. @jackwhitehall Did you ever get bullied at school & what's your advice to those that are going through it? Thanks. #askjack
  10. @jackwhitehall Did you find a way to get a Lion King reference into the film? I really hope you did #askjack

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