Wednesday 12 August 2015

18 Phenomenal #WorldElephantDay Tweet Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 18 Phenomenal #WorldElephantDay Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. In honor of #WorldElephantDay, peruse through a gallery of the beloved animals in the wild
  2. Let's celebrate #WorldElephantDay by honoring these majestic, giant creatures
  3. Celebrating #WorldElephantDay with these extraordinary painted elephants in
  4. I can see kids of the future talking about elephants like we talk about dinosaurs. We won't blame space this time, though. #WorldElephantDay
  5. We found this image in our picture library and thought it worth sharing #WorldElephantDay
  6. The dogs saving African elephants from poachers #WorldElephantDay
  7. Today is #WorldElephantDay The most beautiful, majestic creature. Sadly one of the most POACHED animals in the world! 
  8. 'Reducing the ivory demand will save the elephants' #WorldElephantDay
  9. Today is World Elephant Day #WorldElephantDay
  10. Elephants are being wiped out by poaching & could be extinct in our lifetime  #WhoseSideAreYouOn #WorldElephantDay 
  11. Happy and Loving Elephant Family.... #WorldElephantDay 
  12. Do elephant pictures on social media get same kind of attention as cats?  By the way Happy #WorldElephantDay :) 
  13. #WorldElephantDay: Stunning images of the majestic mammals in Kenya (Paul Goldstein/Rex)
  14. I've been up lowkey looking at the hashtag #WorldElephantDay .. I just love animals
  15. We are celebrating the largest land animal this day   #WorldElephantDay
  16. if you don't think Kenya is beautiful then tell me what you think about this.. @MagicalKenya #WorldElephantDay
  17. When an elephant bull decides to cross the Tsavo, even Mombasa Road big wigs stand back #WorldElephantDay
  18. It’s #WorldElephantDay! Celebrate elephants by joining me and @action4ifaw to protect them

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