Monday 10 August 2015

10 Sad Joey Barton Tweet Trending On Twitter

Joey Barton

Here we are sharing 10 Sad Joey Barton Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. Joey Barton undergoing medical at West Ham  via @MailSport
  2. Sky Sources: Joey Barton having medical at West Ham - more details on #SSNHQ
  3. @SteveHeathrow1 @davidgold joey Barton. You were meant to go to Qpr and get Austin not that mong..turn the car around quick and go get him
  4. Joey Barton (once described by David Gold as "vile") on verge of joining David Gold's West Ham
  5. It does sound that we are very keen on signing joey Barton and that it could happen in the next few days! Strange move this one
  6. Joey Barton is not having a medical TODAY!
  8. BREAKING: Joey Barton is undergoing a medical at West Ham Here is what 'DG' said about him a few years ago... 
  9. Who would you rather have? RT:Carlton ColeFAV: Joey Barton
  10. Joey Barton is a GOOD PLAYER and would be a good signing. He's just an absolute tool with the attitude and footballing brain of a nugget.

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