Thursday 20 August 2015

11 Kickass #NauruInquiry Tweet Trending on Twitter

11 Kickass #NauruInquiry Tweet Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing 11 Kickass #NauruInquiry Tweet Trending on Twitter

  1. waterboarding. asylum seekers zip-tied to beds. shredding of incident reports. extraordinary #nauruinquiry
  2. Nauru guard allegedly confesses to fake assault story #Sydney #News #nauruinquiry
  3. #nauruinquiry What a blatant attempt to discredit a witness by LP members. SN Reynolds framing accusations as questions #soulless
  4. #WilsonSecurity management admit that once incident reports altered, original shredded or 'put in bin' #nauruinquiry
  5. #asylumseeker accused of assaulting guard was jailed & attempted suicide. Guard who "embellished" story still employed. #nauruinquiry
  6. Jon Nichols says he was instructed to shred incident reports once or twice a shift, once or twice a week #nauruinquiry
  7. Former Wilson Security guard says he saw people coughing up water two or three times. Didn't see water boarding directly #nauruinquiry
  8. RWNJs will shortly be arguing that waterboarding of asylum seekers prevents them from drowning. #nauruinquiry
  9. #WilsonSecurity guard tells #nauruinquiry he saw asylum seeker coughing up water outside tent 11 in Bravo camp after waterboarding
  10. Nichols says he hasn't seen individual zip tied to bed, but has heard ERT boast about it. Has seen AS zip tied to fence though #nauruinquiry
  11. After Hanson Young's visit to Nauru, guards were given old Nokias instead of iPhones to stop filming. #nauruinquiry

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