Monday 31 August 2015

12 Kickass #turc Tweet's on Twitter

11 Kickass #turc Tweet's on Twitter

Here we are sharing 12 Kickass #turc Tweet's on Twitter

  1. What an absurd situation. The guy accused of bias got to judge whether his own judgment is biased. And surprise! He said "no" #turc
  2. John Hewson “In those circumstances I thought he should stand down for the integrity of the process itself.” #thedrum #turc
  3. Is there any job in Australia where if you said "I don't do email" a prospective employer wouldn't bin your application immediately? #turc
  4. I’d like to recommend my mum @emuballs for #turc commissioner: she can use email, has integrity & does not attend LNP fundraisers. #auspol
  5. It’s clear that Australians no longer have confidence in the royal commission to operate free from political bias. #auspol #turc
  6. My mum is 73 and not only can she use twitter (say hi to @emuballs) but she knows a lot more about integrity than bloody #dysonheydon. #turc
  7. Labor has said from day one that Tony Abbott’s royal commission is an exercise to smear his political rivals #turc #auspol
  8. Tony Abbott’s royal commission has descended into high farce, riddled with political bias. #turc #auspol
  9. Everything @actudave says: #DysonHeydon is a joke, #turc is a farce, & the Australian people are paying for it.
  10. If you get asked to appear at the RC, refuse. If they send you a letter, tell them you did not read the attachment #auspol #turc
  11. “I read emails only after they have been printed out for me...” is the legal equivalent of “new phone who dis” #turc
  12. The mess at the #turc is a direct result of Abbott's abuse of our institutions to pursue his extremist agenda. #auspol

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