Tuesday 18 August 2015

12 Outstanding #FTII Tweet's Trending On Twitter

12 Outstanding #FTII Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 12 Outstanding #FTII Tweet's Trending On Twitter.

  1. whats happening at #FTII is so unbelievable it would be a bad film, if it werent for the sorry fact that its all true #midnightcrackdown
  2. Midnight crackdown at #FTII: Five students arrested after protest against director, charged with rioting
  3. his Govt is promoting sycophancy over merit.The youth now stands against Narendra Modi and in support of #FTII students-Raghav Chadha,AAP
  4. @ArvindKejriwal @ShekharGupta Guess soon whole of India will look for AK to solve all their problems. #FTII
  5. Couldn’t figure out whether #FTII is an institute or an arm of AAP containing some retard AAPtards craving for publicity
  6. @ShekharGupta By then what should #FTII Students do, where they should go ? @ArvindKejriwal
  7. So some students who didn’t want to graduate college started creating a ruckus last night #FTII
  8. "The director filed a police complaint after he was held captive in his office for hours on Monday by students" #FTII
  9. .@ArvindKejriwal offers space to protesting #FTII students to run their classes till Centre agrees to their demands 
  10. I have the perfect solution - shift #FTII to a campus in Calcutta where they're always on strike. Turn the Pune campus into a park.
  11. Either Gajendra Chauhan SERIOUSLY deserves to be the head of #FTII or this is a the government being a stubborn,egotistical old man.
  12. There was a time #FTII was considered one of the best film schools in Asia and produced some brilliant talent. What happened?

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