Monday 31 August 2015

12 #OwnTheFlexball Hashtag Tweet's on Twitter

#OwnTheFlexball Hashtag

Here we are sharing 12 #OwnTheFlexball Hashtag Tweet's on Twitter.

  1. You just can't afford to miss it. #OwnTheFlexball.
  2. it’s essential that the razor blades are in optimum contact with your face #OwnTheFlexball
  3. Finer blades for less tug and pull This isamazing #OwnTheFlexball @GilletteIndia 
  4. The #Flexball technology does it all! #OwnTheFlexball @GilletteIndia. 
  5. Smooth shave possible even in the highly contoured areas only with Gillette's Flexball #OwnTheFlexball
  6. Glad to see so many ppl waiting to #OwnTheFlexball!
  7. With the FlexBall, This is the best shave we will ever experience #OwnTheFlexball
  8. FlexBall Technology makes maximum contact over facial contours to give you Gillette's best shave #OwnTheFlexball
  9. @GilletteIndia #OwnTheFlexball Even I want to me to be gifted this from you team.. ;)
  10. #OwnTheFlexball @GilletteIndia Test the best experience always with Gillette Innovative techno-magic! Thanx #Gilletteindia ! 
  11. #BuiltForBody #OwnTheFlexball
  12. Glad we could contribute towards making your day special! He's one of the first in the country to #OwnTheFlexball

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