Saturday 22 August 2015

12 Powerful #MWF15 Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 12 Powerful #MWF15 Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. I can report Media Watch is planning a piece on Latham for Monday... and its angle is, quote, "we've lost another powerful voice" #MWF15
  2. We cannot address violence against women without addressing gender inequality @geelonglibrary @SummersAnne #MWF15 
  3. It's time we stopped making overtly sexist and racist bullies into media celebrities and political leaders... Their time has passed. #MWF15
  4. If you missed Latham in all his "glory" at #MWF15 then you can replay @joshgnosis's @periscopeco video here... 
  5. Don't ascribe to mental illness what can otherwise be explained as "being an old entitled tool" #MWF15
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only inner-city leftie feminist hoping he gets some help. #MWF15
  7. This body language tells you all you need to know really. #MWF15
  8. Roll up roll up for your personalised message of abuse! #MWF15
  9. It was obvious from the start that @GreenJ would reign supreme. #MWF15
  10. Never thought I'd say this, but the Melbourne Writer's Festival sounds fascinating. #MWF15
  11. If only there had been some signs to indicate that Mark Latham is unstable and totally not a suitable speaker for a writer's festival #MWF15
  12. I’m not sure I can tweet what Latham just said. So much defo. #MWF15

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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