Thursday 27 August 2015

12 Resplendent #FreshAT5 Tweet Trending On Twitter

12 Resplendent #FreshAT5 Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 12 Resplendent #FreshAT5 Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. YEP!!! #Legend RT @CeoKanes: This guy would have had the best reality show.  #FreshAT5
  2. I love #FreshAT5(ing) with @DJFreshSA  @solphenduka @CarmeReddy @DuranCollett every morning errr'day ;)
  3. SLOBS!! Not cleaning up after themselves RT @FRESHat5: What's the most recent example of childish behaviour you're seen at work? #FreshAT5
  4. Hey @DJFreshSA ...please play Go Solo by Tom Rosenthal.  #FreshAT5.
  5. Look! Me and @_xxBrxndy are marrying kwetsas voice #FreshAT5
  6. I was about to tweet this "@Kay_Giiegh: Kwestas voice #FreshAT5
  7. I love everything about #FreshAT5 from de crew, producer's down to the listener's I doubt I'll survive if I missed a show
  8. I'd snitch on my dad if I found out that he's cheating but I would never snitch on my mom if she did #FreshAT5
  9. LIVE LOUD ON #FreshAT5 with @DJFreshSA @solphenduka @DuranCollett @carmenreddy @BenMatjiu @BrendonLombard....FRESH!!!
  10. Day 344 of @FRESHat5 @5FM with @DJFreshSA @DuranCollett @solphenduka @carmenreddy @BenMatjiu @BrendonLombard stop missing out tune #FreshAT5
  11. @PetrCech was sensational last night , @Arsenal can thank him for the point #FreshAT5 #90minutesofmylifegone
  12. All Night Ft Kwesta, Manifest & Tellaman by DJ Clock #Tjoon #FreshAT5 This oke always kills it ---> @KwestaDaKAR

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

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