Saturday 22 August 2015

13 Outstanding #NRLWarriorsCowboys Tweet Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 13 Outstanding #NRLWarriorsCowboys Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. Cowboys saving us another year of conspiracies? #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  2. wtf happening RN? Cowboys better wake the F up. Score Could get UCKILLY #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  3. Damn @NZWarriors you are repaying my (battered) faith right now!!! So glad I decided to come #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  4. THIS is the @NZWarriors I know and love. Fantastic! #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  5. Tui and Mason fighting it out for no 6 for 2016 #NRLWarriorsCowboys #warriorsforever
  6. THE REF DIDNT GO UPSTAIRS!?!?!?@? WHY NOT!!?? #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  7. Lolohea on fire!!! Footwork at the line superb. #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  8. This is ridiculous @nthqldcowboys. Did you leave your game behind at Customs??? #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  9. Down 10-0 after 10 min. Oh dear ...  #NRLWarriorsCowboys #ridemcowboys
  10. What is going on guys???? #NRLWarriorsCowboys are we doing the first half head start strategy again?? #getsomespidersffs @nthqldcowboys
  11. Two more ludicrous uses of the video ref #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  12. Cowboys hooker Jake Granville has scored four tries in three games against the Warriors. #NRLWarriorsCowboys
  13. Next up in the #NRL, the Warriors are taking on the Cowboys. Follow #NRLWarriorsCowboys

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