Monday 24 August 2015

13 Phenomenal #BBMPResults Tweet Trending On Twitter.

13 Phenomenal #BBMPResults Tweet Trending On Twitter.

Here we are sharing 13 Phenomenal #BBMPResults Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. #BBMPresults: BJP with 51 votes maintains a huge lead over Cong 25, JDS 8, Others 6, CNN-IBN's @dpsatishcnnibn gets you updates
  2. How India Braced Itself for the China Rout - India Real Time - WSJ #BBMPresults
  3. scene outside most Media Houses after #BBMPresults
  4. 28 ministers of "Nidra-Ramaiya" campaigned & the outcome: Total Seats Results Declared: 173/198, BJP:89, Cong:63, JDS:14, Others: 7, #BBMPresults
  5. BBMP results:Thumping win for BJP. As expected no prime time news on any national news channels covering this,since BJP winning #BBMPresults
  6. Pin drop silence in TV studios as @BJP4India is heading towards victory. #BBMPresults
  7. In what is to be seen massive blow to @narendramodi, BJP is winning BBMP polls. #NammaBengaluru #BBMPresults
  8. 30 Congress Ministers campaigned along with @CMofKarnataka for BBMP elections & BJP wins 60 + leads in 60.... #BBMPElection #BBMPresults
  9. with #BBMPResults one thing is clear Indian society now only watches paid media as source of entertainment.
  10. Tweet like @sagarikaghose Only 40% voted in #BBMPelections ,does it mean remaining 60% r upset with Modi? #BBMPresults
  11. A Minister wife has lost election -  CONGRESS  An ex constable wins on BJP Ticket #BBMPresults
  12. BJP set to breach 100 seats mark #BBMPresults Pin drop silence in NDTV, TimesNow & ABP studios
  13. Trust me if BJP were losing #BBMPresults , all the news channels would have started trending 'Is this the Times UP for BJP?" , LOOSERS !

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