Thursday 13 August 2015

13 Sad :( #DirectionersFuneral Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 13 Sad :( #DirectionersFuneral Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. well when our idols look so could you not die? #DirectionersFuneral 
  2. ""#DirectionersFuneral" "they create the hashtag to insult us" "We trend it" 
  3. kpop fans calling us racist but they're the one calling zayn a terrorist got me like #DirectionersFuneral 
  4. that awkward moment when a fanfic has more views than your music video #DirectionersFuneral
  5. the fandom took over a trend that was supposed to insult us but instead we made it into a joke #DirectionersFuneral
  7. Why am I not surprised that Directioners turned this lame insult into a trending joke  #DirectionersFuneral
  8. when kpop fans tryna kill the biggest fandom that has ever existed #DirectionersFuneral Well, T-ara aren't celebrities and don't have a career but yet #DirectionersFuneral
  9. "We didn't cheat"  #DirectionersFuneral
  10. Its supposed to be an insult but turned out to be a joke #DirectionersFuneral
  11. That moment when Uncle Niall has more tattoos than Teeth-Ara's records. #DirectionersFuneral
  12. Sorry boo can't hear you from the top of the charts #DirectionersFuneral
  13. Raise your hand if you've never heard of " T-ara/Queens" before this face off #DirectionersFuneral

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