Thursday 13 August 2015

14 Breathtaking #UniAdvice Tweet's Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 14 Breathtaking  #UniAdvice Tweet's Trending On Twitter

  1. Just got your results & thinking about Uni? Check out our info on coping with student life #UniAdvice #Alevelresults
  2. if you didn't get the grades you wanted, remember, you should have worked a lot harder. #UniAdvice
  3. If you have to go through clearing, that is gods way of telling you you're too thick for Uni. #UniAdvice
  4. #UniAdvice save up your finances because after 2 months you'll be having oxygen for dinner.
  5. #UniAdvice Learn now, cheese is expensive..
  6. #UniAdvice set the boundaries from early tell your housemates you'll burn the house down if they eat your food
  7. #UniAdvice always double wash your stuff after obronifuo use it! I have seen a girl clean a SPOON with her mouth.
  8. #UniAdvice If you're a vegan, doing medicine or have just come back from a gap year make sure to tell everyone, they'll really appreciate it
  9. Don't loose your principles and moral over temporary fun #UniAdvice
  10. #UniAdvice don't listen to people who tell you "I didn't go to lectures and still passed". Going to lectures separates the 1st from the 2:1s
  11. #UniAdvice The North/South rivalry is a serious business. At uni, the Midlands are not a real thing. Pick a side.
  12. If you think media studies is a good course at Uni, you probably need to be taught to drink through a straw. #UniAdvice
  13. #UniAdvice don't do Ciroc boys at every rave with that loan money, you'll be eating cereal with a fork n pouring the milk back
  14. When you start in September 90% of your friends will tell you they will come to your uni and visit you. This is a lie. #UniAdvice

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(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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