Thursday 20 August 2015

14 Flawless #Just1Hour Tweet Trending on Twitter

15 Flawless #Just1Hour Tweet Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing 14 Flawless #Just1Hour Tweet Trending on Twitter.

  1. Anyone up for some story sharing? What can u do in #Just1Hour? I can finish my shopping in just 1 hour :) What about u?
  2. You have #Just1Hour Left..What Would You like to do?
  3. #Just1Hour is enough to get me in the right mood any going for a party , what about you @RumanaNazarali
  4. In #Just1Hour I can chart out my monthly grocery budget! You, @divyaszaika ?
  5. A meal+ Walk + Music in #Just1Hour What you can do in #Just1Hour  @vinaylohia82 ?
  6. I can choreograph a whole song in #Just1Hour
  7. @rohitify I can make 5 course dinner for whole family in #Just1Hour :P
  8. #Just1Hour I need to get ready daily! Ab Kya Kare *majburi ka naam mahatma gandhi*
  9. I can do 300 tweets in #Just1Hour agar Twitter jail na hui toh
  10. In #Just1Hour I could watch my Favorite show ..   What can you do in just one hour? @ruchis28  @FunkyLadki  @NehaYagnik  @miss_cherished ?
  11. @RumanaNazarali only of its time bound campaign do 30 tweets in an hour karna padta hai #Just1Hour
  12. Only shopping for you? I think Make up is also there #Just1Hour
  13. @mymamasboy93 That's tough for me, probably I can answer the exam paper in #Just1Hour
  14. @AskThePankazzzz I know but I woke up early and went to the gym need a nap. But if it's more than #Just1Hour I won't get sleep at night.

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