Monday 10 August 2015

14 Kickass #AAPkaJungleRaj Trending On Twitter

AAPka Jungle Raj

Here we are sharing 14 Kickass #AAPkaJungleRaj Trending On Twitter

  1. Ab to nautanki chodke kaam karna shuru karo !! #AAPkaJungleRaj !!
  2. Dear @ashutosh83B  Heard that @LambaAlka whom u defending, wanted to castrate you Hope its intact?? #AAPkaJungleRaj 
  3. please describe which type of fake proud u hav4 @LambaAlka Can U leave CM chair4HER. #AAPkaJungleRaj
  4. I  am proud too @LambaAlka UR one of most talented Dramebazz of #AAPkaJungleRaj Episode made by @ArvindKejriwal sir
  5. A delegation of national award winning actors & Directors meet .@LambaAlka for tips in acting, directing, story writing. #AAPkaJungleRaj
  6. As if yesterday's Gundagardi was not enough today again AAP workers harassed shopkeepers. #AAPkaJungleRaj  
  7. Kejriwal tweeted "i am so proud of you" It means he was happy with Lamba's misbehave n a kinda of #GundiRajinDelhi  Is it ? #AAPkaJungleRaj
  8. childhood pic of alkaji playing Mummy Role in fancy dress competition पट्टीओ का बचपन से शोख है   #AAPkaJungleRaj 
  9. Sources Say @LambaAlka Wid Vishwas Askd Hafta Who Said Wil Complain 2 Police, Ashu Twisted 2blame BJP #AAPkaJungleRaj
  10. Pathological LIAR @ashutosh83B is not even aware that @AamAadmiParty is exposed all over India #AAPKaJungleRaj 
  11. Their MLA can attack his own pregnant wife with his dogs but surprisingly they don't find it brutal. #AAPkaJungleRaj 
  12. #AAPkaJungleRaj  And the Oscars for best actor award goes to our very own @ashutosh83B (Hands Down) #YoAlkaSoFarji 
  13. Hahaha fake Alka Lamba fake injuries fake blood fake bandages everything fake #AAPkaJungleRaj
  14. Inspired By Jihadi Didi, Motivated by Jungle Raj in Bihar #AAP Launches #AapKaJungleRaj in Delhi Main Contributors Alka Lamba, Ashutosh

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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