Saturday 22 August 2015

14 Kickass #Dawood Tweet Trending On Twitter

I am Back Dawood

Here we are sharing 14 Kickass #Dawood Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. #HTExclusive | Phone bill nails #Dawood lie; India has proof he lives in Pak 
  2. #NSADoval : Dated April 2015 - #Dawood 's wife's Phone Bill 
  3. Latest picture of #Dawood Ibrahim! This is how India's Most Wanted Terrorist looks like Now.
  4. #Dawood dossier: Congress calls it facesaver, BJP says it's 'irrefutable'  #DawoodInPak 
  5. Arnab Goswami has blamed Robert Vadra for the cancellation of NSA Level Talks. Well Done! @timesnow #NSATalksDrama #Dawood
  6. #Dawood wanted to return to India & Surrender .. But #Onion itna mehenga sunke Bibi aane nahi deti
  7. #pakistan insists #Dawood not there. Of course, neither were Osama, Haqqani or Mullah Omar and hundreds of others
  8. #Dawood used almost 90 PR agencies of Politician,Activist, Bollywood to create sympathy for Yakub Menon in Indian Media to avoid his hanging
  9. Payjama Sarkar let #Dawood run away fm d country fed biryani 2 Terrorists let our soldiers be beheaded @priyankac19  
  10. All evidences (#Dawood dossier) have been secured by GoI, we are bent upon getting all terrorists to our country: Union Min Sadananda Gowda
  11. Everyone knows #Dawood is in Pakistan, but Pakistan has always been in denial mode, they must hand him over to India: Venkaiah Naidu
  12. I was keenly observing the language spoken by Congress & Pak, both are filled with hate towards India one open the other in disguise #Dawood
  13. Bhakts say #Dawood Ran Away from Pakistan in fear of Modi, and now Modi Govt says Dawood is in Pakistan. Haha..
  14. Ok, Pak had no problem when US marched in and shot Osama. Hence, no problem if they shoot down #Dawood.  Ask US.  #TerroristSasuralPak.

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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