Friday 28 August 2015

14 Outstanding #BorderForce Tweet's Trending on Twitter

15 Outstanding #BorderForce Tweet's Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing 14 Outstanding #BorderForce Tweet's Trending on Twitter

  1. Look at it this way... we all needed a good laugh this week #BorderForce
  2. #BorderForce - Would @mrjohnclarke please report to the ABC immediately to respond to the #Melbourne rally? This is a satirical emergency.
  3. Australian #BorderForce cancels plan for visa checks on Melbourne streets after protests
  4. That's not what Australian society is like" @JulianBurnside #BorderForce
  5. "I think it's very interesting to see how sharply Melbournians reacted" @JulianBurnside #BorderForce #abcPM
  6. Melburnians don't want Abbott's blackshirts roaming their streets! #auspol #BorderForce 
  7. Some troll said I should be "sacked" for calling the #BorderForce a "bungle." Perhaps they can ask the Ministers who agree with me. #auspol
  8. #BorderForce should be disbanded & bring back a civilian agency focused on supporting migrants & their rights 
  9. Now looking forward to the post #BorderForce debacle press conference where @PeterDutton_MP says he can't discuss "on street" operations.
  10. This is now bordering on the ridiculous. #BorderForce
  11. That has got to be the bungle of the year right? #auspol #BorderForce
  12. In the past, many @LiberalAus supporters have attacked me for stating their govt was fascist. They are silent today. #auspol #BorderForce
  13. Apartheid era Afrikaaners checked "papers" regularly too. Didn't go well for them long term. #BorderForce #auspol
  14. Someone referred to this #BorderForce debacle as "creeping fascism". Dude, I'm pretty sure they've broken into a run.

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