Wednesday 26 August 2015

14 Phenomenal #1dfansaregorgeous Tweet Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 14 Phenomenal #1dfansaregorgeous Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. #1dfansaregorgeous is trending in my area. I support this  you guys are lovely
  2. #1dfansaregorgeous prettiest 1d fan tbh 
  3. Niall, I love you and I know I'm not like every Niall girl but I'm myself, you won't see this #1dfansaregorgeous 
  4. #1dfansaregorgeous praise me
  5. UPDATE || #1dfansaregorgeous is trending WW! 
  6. Me scrolling through the hashtag realizing how ugly I am #1dfansaregorgeous
  7. #1dfansaregorgeous thought I'd do it on my fan account as well!! You guys are all gorgeous I TAG ANYONE WHO SEES THIS 
  8. This fandom truly lives up to WMYB cuz so many are posting selfies but don't believe they are beautiful #1dfansaregorgeous
  9. when you want to be a part of #1dfansaregorgeous but everyone else is perfect and you deadass look like a peanut 
  10. *is convinced the fandom is made up of potatoes bc they always call themselves trash* "#1dfansaregorgeous " *cries bc everyone is hot*
  11. #1dfansaregorgeous im starting to become more confident in myself & its all bc of the boys 4 telling me im beautiful 
  12. Me: *thinks about posting a selfie to the #1dfansaregorgeous tag* Me: *scrolls through pictures* Me: *loses all self confidence*
  13. *prepares to post selfies under tag* *sees Fandom* *loses confidence* *deletes selfies* #1dfansaregorgeous
  14. #1dfansaregorgeous SEND ME YOUR PICTURES (i know you're all pretty inside and out)

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