Friday 21 August 2015

14 Remarkable #NRLSouthsBulldogs Tweet Trending On Twitter

14 Remarkable #NRLSouthsBulldogs Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 14 Remarkable #NRLSouthsBulldogs Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. For those looking for our #NRLSouthsBulldogs live blog, here it is. Apologies for the delay!
  2. Hey, it looks like they're getting the NRL scores at the Darts tonight... #NRLSouthsBulldogs 
  3. CONGRATULATIONS to the 26,503 @SSFCRABBITOHS & @NRL_Bulldogs fans on exemplary behaviour at #NRLSouthsBulldogs.
  4. Shaun Lane is proving very effective for Des Hasler off the bench! #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  5. Loves playing at @ANZStadium! #NRLSouthsBulldogs  #NRL
  6. Grade 1 dangerous contact RT @Jeff_tylesTyler: They've touched up the rabbits and now each other #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  7. Fulltime and we got our revenge winning 32-18 over Souths #proudtobeabullldog #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  8. Rusty has every right to be looking so glum! #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  9. Glory glory... to the BULLDOGS!!! #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  10. Touchy needs specsavers #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  11. HT STATS: Sam Perrett: 9 runs, 91m, 2 tries #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  12. HT STATS: Graham: 17 runs, 130m, 17 tackles #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  13. WHAT an incredible 1st half from the @NRL_Bulldogs! Can the @SSFCRABBITOHS pull it back? #NRLSouthsBulldogs
  14. A charge-down that ends in the Bulldogs favour?! #NRLSouthsBulldogs

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