Monday 3 August 2015

14 Stunning #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो Tweets Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 14 Stunning #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो Tweets Trending On Twitter.

  1. It’s ‘Wake Up Time’ for sleeping HINDUS!! Join the movement #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो 
  2. Bholanand Exposed PaidMedia!! Know how media FOOL INNOCENT Indian Citizens  #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  3. Why Hindus don't see BIG game plan of Anti-Hindu forces behind defaming Saints #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  4. DCP Lamba- In FIR/Medical report, there is NO mention of rape in Bapuji's case #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  5. Loopholes of Legal System were used by girl cleverly! She did POCSO Misuse #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो 
  6. So called victim's school certificates reveal-She is an adult. Then why POCSO? #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  7. Sanjay Dutt gets frequent parole for minor reasons after conviction too Y no bail for INNOCENT Bapuji? #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  8. Social Activist Sahu Ji- 'POCSO act must be reconsidered & closed' #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  9. Why wasn't there any investigation when the girl confessed that her parents are forcing her to lie! #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  10. Based on only fake claims, without any evidence, how can a Case be run in Law Courts for 22 months? #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  11. Innocent Hindu Saints are heinously Jailed in India ! Is this our legal system?? #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो 
  12. Women Activists of NGO Nari Raksha Manch opposed POCSO Misuse in Bapuji's case #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो
  13. We sing glory of 'Spiritual India'. But it has become a place of torturing Saints #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो 
  14. Girl's medical report proves - 'Rape/assault was NOT done' #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो 

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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