Monday 10 August 2015

15 Best #ShortStackTour Tweet Trending On Twitter

Love you Short Stack

Here we are sharing 15 Best #ShortStackTour Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. #ShortStackTour tix onsale august 17. RT! 
  2. @JordanClarey @andyszetho or to think me and Andy were on jazz band camp like 5 years ago hahah #ShortStackTour
  3. I wanted to call #ShortStackTour StackFest2015 cos the line up is so rad hahaha but maybe next time lol 
  4. Let's be real though, how mad is this lineup! So keen @shortstackband #ShortStackTour 
  5. January is looking UP! Summer touring #ShortStackTour
  6. 15 year old Bryce would be over the moon @shortstackband @ShaunDiviney #ShortStackTour
  7. @tahliaa__x haha all good we were told today that mine is selling way better than shaun and bradies so its probs 4 the best #ShortStackTour
  8. Most insane supports on the @shortstackband #ShortStackTour #Homecoming 
  9. cheers to the short stack boys for including us in this amazing lineup. can't wait to play #ShortStackTour 
  10. #ShortStackTour no. 3 trend in aus! this is gonna be so insane! haha every band playing is amazing!! (minus us lol) 
  11. So happy to be a part of this insane line up, on the #ShortStackTour! See you all in January! @shortstackband 
  12. Heading back out with our brothers in Short Stack again next year - shall be a blast! #ShortStackTour
  13. can't wait to hit the road with these killer bands, think this will be the best tour yet :) … #ShortStackTour
  14. Touring with @shortstackband in Jan on their Homecoming Tour! Be there, loads of good bands on this #ShortStackTour 
  15. This tour is going to be so crazy! Man I'm keen! #ShortStackTour

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

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