Saturday 1 August 2015

15 Crazy #NBAAfricaGame Tweets Trending On Twitter

15 Crazy #NBAAfricaGame Tweets Trending On Twitter

  1. Team Africa leading 73-59 in 3rd quarter #NBAAfricaGame
  2. You cant play for TeamAfrica if you less that 6'8 fam #NBAAfricaGame
  3. Hakeem @DR34M Olajuwon still got the moves like Jagger! #NBAAfricaGame Let's go #TeamAFRICA  | @NBA via @NBA_Africa 
  4. Team Africa is making Chris Paul eat his words right now. #NBAAfricaGame
  5. #NBAAfricaGame very cool! "if it can influence a child to out down a rifle and pick up a basketball ..." would be amazing
  6. Avec la présence surprise de 2 joueurs de légende: Hakeem Olajuwon et Dikembe Mutombo  #NBA #NBAAfricaGame
  7. Wish James was here #NBAAfricaGame
  8. It seems like everyone is having fun #NBAAfricaGame
  9. The idea of another exhibition game with NBA players on August 1 scares me. #PaulGeorge #NBAAfricaGame
  10. Greek Freak throwing it down #NBAAfricaGame
  11. #NBAAfricaGame VIDEO: 52-year-old Hakeem Olajuwon hits ‘Dream Shake’
  12. The Bucks have a decent line up for this coming season. #NBAAfricaGame
  13. 3rd quarter and #TeamAfrica is still leading #NBAAfricaGame
  14. #NBAAfricaGame is awesome, great and amazing thing the NBA can do. They should do it more.
  15. United States NEW Trending Topics: #NBAAfricaGame, #satchat, Beach to Beacon, Koa Misi

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