Friday 21 August 2015

15 Magnificent #5SOSonGMA Tweet Trending On Twitter

15 Magnificent #5SOSonGMA Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 15 Magnificent #5SOSonGMA Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. 5SOS soundchecking WILAY (@5SOSFamUpdater) #5SOSonGMA
  2. I've extra class hate it I'm not going to watch #5SOSonGMA damnit bye:(
  3. When we wake up in the morning & get to see @5sos perform on @GMA! #5SOSonGMA #5SOSFAM 
  4. Calum killing one fangirl at a time -Rhosell #5SOSonGMA 
  5. Best sign ever! #5SOSonGMA 
  6. Wow. STUNNING artwork from @Michael5SOS, @Calum5SOS, @Luke5SOS and @Ashton5SOS... and sheep? #5SOSonGMA 
  7. Bit close there calum #5SOSonGMA 
  8. when 2 hours of sleep become worth it @5SOS #5SOSonGMA 
  9. All the info you need to know about #5SOSonGMA || via hotdamn5sos 
  10. Anyone waiting in line please stay safe. Stay warm, hydrated and happy.  #5SOSonGMA
  11. 2 hours till #5SOSonGMA
  12. Excited for 5SOS on GMA today #5SOSonGMA
  13. I hope 5SOS enjoys looking out at a crowd full of wet, soggy people.... #5SOSonGMA
  14. @Calum5SOS go to sleep you have a show in a few hours #5SOSonGMA
  15. Apparently security said that if the storm hits hard, they might cancel the show  | #5SOSonGMA

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