Monday 17 August 2015

15 Outstanding #ParsiNewYear Tweet Trending On Twitter

15 Outstanding #ParsiNewYear Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 15 Outstanding #ParsiNewYear Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. #ParsiNewYear Wishing my Parsi brothers & sisters on the start of Parsi New Year. I hope this year is filled with prosperity & happiness. Navroz Mubarak.
  2. This #Navroz, here are few places you can hit in India for the best Parsi food! #ParsiNewYear
  3. Navroz Mubarak to my fellow Parsi peeps! Can't wait for lunch time #ParsiNewYear
  4. #NavrozMubarak to all our Parsi friends. May their tribe increase! #ParsiNewYear
  5. Don't think I've ever met a Parsi. #ParsiNewYear
  6. Want to individually thank each parsi for this public holiday which has come after a break of several months. #ParsiNewYear
  7. Happy New Year!!! Im half parsi n @SimplySajidK  full.. Well hes 40+ n still living with his mother!!! #ParsiNewYear
  8. Everybody should be Parsi. The world'd be more fun! More food, more partying, more humour, more awesomeness! Happy New Year, Parsi friends! #ParsiNewYear
  9. To all my wonderful Parsi friends, Navroz Mubarak! Miss Mumbai, Dhansak and Patra ma machi today. #ParsiNewYear
  10. .@WeAreMumbai happy navroze. It's the Parsi new year. Parsis are awesome. #ParsiNewYear
  11. Navroze Mubarak to all my lovely, mad Parsi friends! #ParsiNewYear
  12. Navroz Mubarak to all my Parsi brothers & sisters. May this prosperous new year bring lots of joy, peace and happiness. #ParsiNewYear
  13. And of course Navroze Mubarak to the mad and inimitable @bomanirani and the faux Parsi @kunalvijayakar #ParsiNewYear
  14. Pateti greetings to all my Parsi sisters & brothers. May the New Year usher in peace, prosperity & happiness for all. Navroz Mubarak! #ParsiNewYear
  15. Greetings and good wishes to all Parsi brothers and sisters on Navroz #PresidentMukherjee #ParsiNewYear

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