Wednesday 26 August 2015

15 Stunning #GaybyBaby Tweet Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 15 Stunning #GaybyBaby Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. How sad that a film about real kids and their families is attacked. So quick to bully, so unwilling to listen. #GaybyBaby
  2. Proud our school is screening #GaybyBaby on Friday evening for our community
  3. On top of it being homophobic bullying, banning #GaybyBaby is an attack on teachers and schools making their own decisions
  4. Gay parenting is not subversive. It is not illegal. Education about this is not R rated. @PiccoliMp should be sacked. #GaybyBaby #auspol
  5. @Colvinius this film is wasted on kids: they are already tolerant. How do we get more adults to watch it? #GaybyBaby
  6. A mature discussion of diversity in our schools?? Ban it! #GaybyBaby  
  7. Next time someone tells you religious freedom is under threat, remember - #GaybyBaby = banned by the state, scripture = protected by law
  8. Today's #GaybyBaby censorship is another reminder of how Australian politics bends to the homophobic whims of a few. So appalling. #auspol
  9. #GaybyBaby is about the children of LGBTI families. Today's decision tells them their families are not valued @PiccoliMp @mikebairdMP
  10. No way to describe this as anything other than blatant censorship. #GaybyBaby 
  11. In response to my question Education Min confirms decision to ban #GaybyBaby film despite gov ed policy to oppose homophobia #nswpol
  12. Know what else isn't normal? Families where the child was immaculately conceived. #GaybyBaby
  13. Hey @PiccoliMp, real children of LGBTI parents talking about their lives is not "political", your decision is political #GaybyBaby #auspol
  14. Two of things that make my blood boil: homophobia and a complete lack of understanding about education. Shame @PiccoliMp #GaybyBaby
  15. My own high school experience had huge jagged homophobic edges. Surely anything to increase acceptance is a good thing? #GaybyBaby

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