Thursday 13 August 2015

16 Breathtaking #OROP Tweet's Trending On Twitter

18 Breathtaking #OROP Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 16 Breathtaking #OROP Tweet's Trending On Twitter

  1. #news 'OROP protest inflicting serious damage on forces' #OROP
  2. #OROP PM announced massive aid for other countries, none for own soldiers... 
  3. Country, military, police, free markets and individualism - my five pillars of conservatism. #OROP
  4. Now @INCIndia is doing politics only by joining #OROP protest. what they did when @OfficeOfRG were in power. 
  5. Heartbreaking to watch old veterns soldiers protst for #OROP n being pushd arnd by Cops a day bfr Indpndnce day.   :( #ServingOurNation
  6. #OROP protesters must realize, that they protest with those who stalled it for decades & protest agnst a Govt which will really implement it
  7. Netas increases their own pay and our soldiers who fights to keep us safe are fighting for their rights! How shameful! #OROP
  8. #OROP is not new; it is mere restoration of what was taken away by Indira G in 1973, after a spectacular victory 
  9. inexplicable n not necessry ! Disappointed ! Hope  tmrw #OROP is anncd n reslvs ds strggle. #ServingOurNation  
  10. We were not informed at all about this, they started forcibly evicting us suddenly- G Gandhi,Ex serviceman on Police action #OROP
  11. I hope, next time army men also think- whether they shd get themselves killed for saving idiots of India #OROP
  12. If you ask wise King Solomon his judgement would be to cut MPs benefits and use the money saved to grant #OROP to our braveheart soldiers
  13. Ashamed of a PM who did jumlebaazi even for d rights of soldiers who took bullets for India ! Ridiculous ! #OROP 
  14. Those who fought for us in 1962,1965,1971,1999 and saved us are now security threat for Modi Govt/India? #OROP
  15. Whatever #OROP costs is a very small price to pay than to risk having a disgruntled, unmotivated n resentful Army. Dangerous consequences
  16. I find it poignant to see 80 year old ex-servicemen having to "fight" for #OROP. Many have died waiting for it to become a reality #Shameful

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