Monday 17 August 2015

16 Kickass #DysonHeydon Tweet Trending On Twitter

16 Kickass #DysonHeydon Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 16 Kickass #DysonHeydon Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. #DysonHeydon was sent the Liberal party fundraising flyer in June 2015, 2 months before he cancelled planned speech. Story up soon. @smh
  3. Imagine #DysonHeydon acting on your behalf & he forgets to open those email attachments that should keep you out of jail. #Incompetent or BS
  4. Pro tip #DysonHeydon: quit while you're still standing. This is going from bad to disastrous.
  5. #DysonHeydon said he has "appalling hearing" and very bad eye sight and Judgement it would seem!
  6. It is disgraceful that any judge would accept an invitation to speak at a political party function #DysonHeydon 
  7. @MikeCarlton01 "overlooked" how far thru the looking glass are we when a Royal Commissioner can say that with a straight face? #DysonHeydon
  8. Why won't the govt allow leave to table #DysonHeydon (secret according to the PM) statement of this morning when it's already public #qt
  9. The government avoiding any tabling of document relating to #DysonHeydon. That speaks volumes.  #QT
  10. PM Abbott's claim #DysonHeydon didn't know fundraiser was a Liberal Party event utter lie MT @JBPooket from 2014 
  11. Abbott not briefed on #DysonHeydon, AGAIN. Said he withdrew when knew a Lib event. False. Accepted he knew,say emails #qt @margokingston1
  12. No wonder Murdoch media so absurdly protective of #DysonHeydon, he was Rupert's legal counsel
  13. Is it also true that #DysonHeydon was on the committee that 'chose' #Abbott for Rhodes S/ship?  Pic via @strat_pavlis
  14. If #DysonHeydon 'can't recall' if he was involved with the Prime Minister of Australia's Rhodes Scholarship then guess we all know he was.
  15. #DysonHeydon: I overlooked the fact my agreement to speak was conditional on the Royal Commission being completed #turc
  16. It's never too late for payback >> RT @JL_Whitaker: #DysonHeydon was on @tonyAbbottmhr's selection panel for his Rhodes Scholarship. #auspol

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