Thursday 13 August 2015

16 Outstanding #Alevelresults Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 16 Outstanding #Alevelresults Tweet's Trending On Twitter.

  1. #ITV Fewer students get top A-level grades but pass rate increases #Alevelresults
  2. Are you concerned by the costs of university? Put your questions to our expects #Alevelresults
  3. Do you have a question about #Alevelresults or #Clearing?
  4. Remember: There's some stuff exams won't teach you, that's where Alfie Wickers comes in... #Alevelresults #TBT 
  5. When your mum asks if you want to go out for a meal to celebrate your #Alevelresults
  6. Gap year volunteering: how to do it right via @GuardianGDP #Alevelresults
  7. Good luck to everyone getting #Alevelresults today - May the odds be ever in your favour. 
  8. @HungerGamesUK i did shit so i guess the odds are NOT in my favour #Alevelresults
  9. @HungerGamesUK Thank you I really hope the odds are in my favour #Alevelresults
  11. .@NickGibbMP has a message congratulating students on #Alevelresults day 
  12. Best of luck to you all, but whatever happens remember... #Alevelresults 
  13. #Alevelresults out today. Will the girls be out celebrating or drowning their sorrows? Either way, I’ll be out ready to take advantage. LG x
  14. Celebrating your results/drowning your sorrows by going out for a few quiet Butterbeers but ending up absolutely Voldemortal #Alevelresults
  15. Best wishes to everyone collecting their #Alevelresults! How many of you are planning a career in Musical Theatre? 
  16. And if you didn't get the #Alevelresults you need remember, Kanye rhymed 'restaurant' with 'croissant'... And he's a multi-millionaire.

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