Monday 10 August 2015

16 Phenomenal #nzflag Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 16 Phenomenal #nzflag Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. Jeez relentless koru and silver ferns. Yech #nzflag
  2. lol at the "finalists" for the flag #nzflag what a waste of time and energy.
  3. Further highlights the lack of original ideas for #nzflag when ordered like this
  4. Has anyone pointed out yet that one of the top #nzflag designs is effectively a stylised Converse logo? 
  5. The #nzflag panel chose to fill five of the spots with variations on the same design. Lazy. 
  6. The #nzflag longlist is the design equiv of talk back radio. No skill or qualification required, just an obnoxious 'reckon'.
  7. #nzflag a.k.a. the thing the nz government is using to distract from TPPA
  8. I've come up with a last minute design for our new #nzflag I reckon it hits the spot, ticks all the boxes 
  9. Disappointed Laser Kiwi didn't make the shortlist #nzflag
  10. Some of these are definitely better than others: I like the one on the bottom row, second from the left. #nzflag
  11. Did the #nzflag Consideration Panel separate all the identical-except-in-colour designs in the hope no-one would notice lol?
  12. "I guess I'm a bit impartial with the flag design competition. I want the one with Helen Clarke's face all over it," #nzflag
  13. I can't decide which of the Lockwoods I hate the most. #nzflag
  14. the long list is in for #nzflag: design by committee tosh for most part. why is the NZ government doing this again? 
  15. Am experiencing designer rage right now. THIS ONE???? REALLY??? #nzflag 
  16. My thoughts on flag: Has the standard of living improved for the lowest socio-economic group yet? #nzpol #nzflag

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