Friday 21 August 2015

16 Remarkable #AFLHawksPower Tweet Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 16 Remarkable #AFLHawksPower Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. They’ve got the Power to knock off the reigning premiers! #AFLHawksPower 
  2. The Power have produced an upset win over the Hawks. #AFLHawksPower
  3. What a surprisingly pleasant Friday evening. #AFLHawksPower
  4. Thank you to the incredible traveling support and for everyone cheering us on at home! #AFLHawksPower
  5. @AFL if Gibbs get 3 weeks for intent that is worth 10. And we love Hodge! #AFLHawksPower
  6. @AFL Gratuitous, could have been lethal. Hodge does not deserve to play finals #AFLHawksPower
  7. @AFL Hodge should be ashamed - he went in with aggression and seriously endangered Wingard. #AFLHawksPower
  8. What a surprisingly pleasant Friday evening. #AFLHawksPower
  9. The Power with an impressive win over the Hawks. The Channel 7 commentary team struggle to hold back the tears. #AFLHawksPower
  10. Port just had more to play for. #AFLHawksPower
  11. 28k at Etihad on a Friday night for a team likely to win a 3rd premiership. Pathetic. #AFLHawksPower
  12. Lingy still trying to get the Hawks over the line. It's over! Let it go. #AFLHawksPower
  13. Great work ah Chee never let a mistake effect your game finish off the game strong tough match #AFLHawksPower @PAFC @AFL
  14. Not sure what Gibson is arguing about. Whether deliberate or accidental, if you decapitate a guy it is a free kick #AFLHawksPower
  15. The Channel Seven commentary team's barracking has paid off and Hawthorn are back in this. #AFLHawksPower
  16. this umpiring is actually so ridiculous. #AFLHawksPower

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