Friday 7 August 2015

16 Remarkable #LukeBryanOnGMA Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 16 Remarkable #LukeBryanOnGMA Tweet's Trending On Twitter

  1. I can't believe we saw Luke Bryan for free this morning  #LukeBryanOnGMA
  2. Great morning with @LukeBryanOnline #LukeBryanOnGMA 
  3. Back it on up. Fill your cup up. Let's tear it up, up. And kick the dust up. #LukeBryanOnGMA
  4. "LOOK, I'M ON TV!" - #LukeBryanCandle #LukeBryanOnGMA
  5. After killing it at our theater last night, @LukeBryanOnline is now the star on GMA! #LukeBryanOnGMA
  6. Shoutout to @GMA , you've been good to us through the years #LukeBryanOnGMA 
  7. #LukeBryanOnGMA AND #KeithUrbanTODAY! Country fans are taking over NYC this morning!
  8. Only for @LukeBryanOnline will I get up at 7:30 after staying up listening to the album all night to watch him on TV. #LukeBryanOnGMA
  9. @LukeBryanOnline I woke up earlier than I wake up for school to see you on GMA #LukeBryanOnGMA
  10. #LukeBryanOnGMA so excited to see bae twice in one summer
  11. Are we really the only Latinas living this moment #LukeBryanOnGMA @shmaylin @GMA @TomKellyShow your hysterical
  12. 4th times the charm #LukeBryanOnGMA
  13. A lot of people already here for @LukeBryanOnline. Loud. #LukeBryanOnGMA 
  14. Hype man doing what he does best @TomKellyShow #LukeBryanOnGMA
  15. Great way to celebrate my birthday ##LukeBryanOnGMA
  16. #LukeBryanOnGMA @LukeBryanOnline you better shake what your mama gave you

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