Saturday 22 August 2015

18 Flawless #satchat Tweet's Trending On Twitter

18 Flawless #satchat Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 18 Flawless #satchat Tweet's Trending On Twitter.

  1. Today's #satchat topic is #growthmindset ~I'm saving many of these visuals! :)
  2. A4: Model for the students, let them see you learn, fail, attempt again #satchat
  3. Keeping a 'learner' (journey-focused) mindset, rather than an 'expert' (destination-focused) mindset is paramount. #satchat
  4. A4:  Providing opportunities for conversation and reflection for Ts and Ss #satchat
  5. A5 we need to remember that we have a growth mindset in some things and a fixed mindset in others (and maybe that ok) #satchat
  6. A4 model of Coaching = "Teacher Partner", here to solve problems & be creative, not to "fix" or be "expert" #satchat
  7. @betavt grit and mindset are ultimately ways to blame people for systemic and leadership failure #satchat
  8. Promote a growth mindset w/words. Provide feedback on skills that promote growth: effort, perseverance, problem solving, grit #satchat
  9. Aren't teachers more willing to have a #growthmindset when they hear about their admin taking calculated, professional risks? #satchat
  10. #satchat A3: When teachers create a sense of TRUST in their classrooms, Ss will take learning risks & grow 
  11. A1: The Graveyard Effect i.e. desks in rows is an example of a fixed mindset. Take more risks and mix up the seating arrangements #satchat
  12. Promote a growth mindset culture with a bulletin board like this to begin the new school year. #satchat
  13. 4 #edtech tools to take learning and fun outside this summer: #satchat
  14. Join us this morning in about 45 minutes at 7:30 EST for #satchat. @4BetterEducatio will guest moderate a discussion on growth mindset.
  15. Set the example for your students and embrace the challenge to reach your potential!  #satchat
  16. #Quote of the day: “U don’t build a top school, u build top teachers & then the top teachers build the top school”~ @Urban_Teacher #satchat
  17. Have you seen the Goose Chase App?  It lets you create a virtual scavenger hunt.  You create tasks & kids send you their pics. #satchat
  18. It's NOT, and NEVER will be about the #EdTech, but rather about mindful, skillful teaching practice! #satchat

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

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