Monday 17 August 2015

18 Flawless #ShortlandStreet Tweet Trending On Twitter

Shortland Street

Here we are sharing 18 Flawless #ShortlandStreet Tweet Trending On Twitter

  2. Oh no Harry @ShortlandTweet #ShortlandStreet
  3. 2nd drowning WTFFF only on #ShortlandStreet
  4. Harry Warner is like the Terminator, he'll just keep coming back! #ShortlandStreet
  5. OMG CURTIS: 'dis' ...if I were Lucy 'dis' would be over as soon as I saw that #ShortlandStreet
  6. Awwww come on Jimmy, if you need to be needed, move back into the Coopers! Muzza's away! #ShortlandStreet @JoelTobeck #WendysRockstarDreams
  7. Dear Chris and Rachel. Sell the Bach. That is all. #ShortlandStreet
  8. That's just what happens when you go to the BACH OF DEATH. #ShortlandStreet
  9. @ShortlandTweet we probably won't have any fingernails left by the end!! #ShortlandStreet
  10. I hope they both die and then somehow TK comes to save the day but also dies #ShortlandStreet
  11. Stunning photo of Rachel on the fridge at the Warner Bach. (Because I would OBVIOUSLY notice this) #ShortlandStreet
  12. Wow! Who knew Harry would be a big spoon #ShortlandStreet
  13. Pania's pain: how hard is it for Bree Peters to live as villain? We found out #ShortlandStreet
  14. Harry and pixie are gona secretly sneak into the same bed 2gether @ the bach while Chris sings Anchor Me in the background #ShortlandStreet
  15. When did TK turn into Brooke being all caring and such about psycho killer peoples, it's admirable, really *shrug* #ShortlandStreet
  16. Pania was going for that suiy but TK was like nah m8 I get final kill cam #ShortlandStreet
  17. The inside word from our @ShortlandTweet producer ... I'd tune in if I were you #ShortlandStreet
  18. That's how we roll! #ShortlandStreet #Everywhere #DontMissThisWeek #InsiderTip

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