Friday 28 August 2015

18 Marvelous #IamGirlRising Tweet's Trending on Twitter


Here we are sharing 18 Marvelous #IamGirlRising Tweet's Trending on Twitter

  1. If you want the best for her, let her thrive. #IamGirlRising
  2. Education for a girl is f utmost importance. Let us bring it closer to them #IamGirlRising
  3. @babu_gudia Yes join this noble cause for better future !! #IamGirlRising
  4. Don't just promise to Protect her. Educate her, Empower her. @GirlRisingIndia #IamGirlRising
  5. EDUCATE a Girl, and you EDUCATE a Community...! Its time to take a Stand and prove this right #IamGirlRising
  6. @StarPlus @GirlRisingIndia if you educate a girl you educate the whole family #IamGirlRising
  7. Let's prepare her for tomorrow and educate her #IamGirlRising
  8. @Admire_Urself @StarPlus @ParineetiChopra @GirlRisingIndia education is a way of living - #IamGirlRising
  9. #IamGirlRising @starplus when God didn't discrimated women , why we she ?? Right to education is both of us 
  10. @StarPlus @priyankachopra Time to stand up, Motivate her..Give her the confidence to Spark, Shine and FLY! #IamGirlRising
  11. Contrary to the belief that actresses don’t get along.. It just took 1 phone call to get these amazing ladies on board.. #IamGirlRising
  12. Every girl deserves the chance to be strong, independent and aware of her rights. #IamGirlRising #WhyGirls 
  13. "Woh Padegi, Woh Udegi... it's what I've truly believed in ~ @priyankachopra #IamGirlRising
  14. Proud of our Indian actresses #IamGirlRising !!Guys we will trend it soon
  15. Kareena has firmly supported the cause of education over the years! Find out how you can assist #IamGirlRising here
  16. Kareena narrates the story of Wadley, a 7 year old girl whose thirst for education was not destroyed by the Haiti earthquakes #IamGirlRising
  17. Change in people's mentality will only come with education. - Kareena #IamGirlRising
  18. Joining hands for HER. Watch #IamGirlRising, 29th August, 1:30 PM on STAR Plus. 

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