Friday 21 August 2015

18 Marvelous #thefridayshow Tweet Trending On Twitter

The Friday Show

Here we are sharing 18 Marvelous #thefridayshow Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. If you're travelling anywhere next week … #thefridayshow
  2. It was fun hosting #thefridayshow for Ms Perrett. Huge thanks to our great guests @peter_berner + @RitaPanahi. Back for #pmive at 9pm.
  3. Love hearing you talk about TGC @RitaPanahi , your whole face lights up as a proud mum should :-) xx #thefridayshow
  4. If I was @TonyAbbottMHR I would set a trap & catch the scum bag leaking. Then I would wait until #QT & NAME & SHAME him/her #thefridayshow
  5. Oh well said @RitaPanahi the Uncle Tom abuse is itself racist #TheFridayShow
  6. #TheFridayShow  Wow, best way to spend a Friday arvo watching Paul Murray Rita Panahi and the funny bloke finally facts! Keep them there!
  7. Clementine Ford is one hell of a loudmouth, but complains when people shoot back. Can't take the heat... @RitaPanahi @PMOnAir #TheFridayShow
  8. Kids should be educated not indoctrinated & the climate change indoctrination has gone too far #TheFridayShow
  9. #TheFridayShow it's called the progressive education system, it crates idiots who blindly follow the LaborGreens ideal
  10. #TheFridayShow we are having everything taken away from us. Inc rel instruct. Are Muslim schools not going to preach religion as well??
  11. David Speers has not watched ONE minute of #TURC before today. #TheFridayShow
  12. #TheFridayShow would not have a clue of evidence over 18 mths.
  13. So funny watching David Speers acting all lawyer like. Wouldn't have a clue what he is talking about. LOL #TheFridayShow  Media are a joke.
  14. can you put some whiney up and down levels of screech when you talk @PMOnAir my blood pressure is normal watching #TheFridayShow today
  15. Normally @PMLIVE is on too late looking forward to watching #TheFridayShow with @RitaPanahi !
  16. #thefridayshow Am very pleased to see PM on #TheFridayShow- now its worth switching back to this channel - PVO is NOT hosting :)
  17. #TheFridayShow @david_speers  SCREECHED for last 18mths 
  18. GST needs looking at. Joe makes small move Speers OUTRAGE it is technically a rise. #TheFridayShow

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