Wednesday 5 August 2015

18 Outstanding Tweet's on #Airtel4G Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 18 Outstanding Tweet's on #Airtel4G Trending On Twitter.

  1. Tweet with #Airtel4G and let’s unlock the new ad :) Awesome!
  2. @Hugetrick New Ad from @airtelindia is coming soon  its gonna be awesome #Airtel4G
  3. Click ‘Tweet To Unlock’ to unleash the power of #Airtel4G  Let's witness the fastest network ever. @pratikzart
  4. Guys don't tweet with #Airtel4G so they won't unlock the new ad.
  5. More u tweet the more faster it will unlock the ad so tweet tweet !! #Airtel4G
  6. Have you tweeted to unlock #Airtel4G yet? Join the party now to witness the amazing speeds of The Fastest Network Ever!
  7. Airtel 3G is pathetic so don't have high hopes with #Airtel4G! It's just a JUMLA
  8. Tweet #Airtel4G n number of times and @AirtelIndia will debut the new advertisement online!
  9. Oh yes! Tweeting and Tweeting! ;) Lets witness the awesomeness together! #Airtel4G is here :) 
  10. More u tweet the more faster it will unlock the ad so tweet tweet !! #Airtel4G
  11. Can #Airtel4G download all parts of the expendables in minutes or hours?
  12. Tweet with #Airtel4G and let’s unlock the new ad of @airtelindia  Whoa!! :D Now thats something I am looking forward to!
  13. Wait is over!!! Tweet #Airtel4G and let’s unlock the new ad already! Loving the style @airtelindia
  14. If I can I download a movie on my mobile on #Airtel4G it will be awesome.
  15. Bought my 4G device and now experiencing #Airtel4G . Till now good speed
  16. @airtel_presence 20 min call to generate a tech visit request #Airtel4G and on top of it they charge u for the call. Great revenue model 
  17. Customers in Warangal visit the Airtel store to be a part of the exclusive #Airtel4G trials #Telangana @airtelnews
  18. @Airtel_Presence @airtelindia  #hinjewadi #Airtel4G 4g speed in Pune hinjewadi 

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

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