Wednesday 5 August 2015

20 Breathtaking #TrainTragedy Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 20 Breathtaking #TrainTragedy Tweet's Trending On Twitter.

  1. #TrainTragedy: Rescue & relief are almost complete, team conducting search operation to see if anyone is still trapped: Anil Saxena | ANI
  2. Twin train derailments in Madhya Pradesh kill 20#TrainTragedy
  3. #TrainTragedy Railway Min calls it a "natural calamity",couldn't hv been prevented.Experts ask why tracks nt patrolled during rains @ibnlive
  4. government and local humans have handled this #TrainTragedy so quickly & promptly. Big Thanks to all helping hands.!!
  5. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu says 12 killed, 25 injured in derailment of two trains in Madhya Pradesh #TrainTragedy
  6. *Bullet Train can Wait *Improve Basic Facilities, Cleanliness, Pantry Service, Stations *Increase Trains, Provide Tickets #TrainTragedy
  7. Deeply saddened over the loss of lives due to twin train derailment incident in MP. My Condolences to the bereaved families. #TrainTragedy
  8. Sad news from the #TrainTragedy in India: (At least) 20 people killed, 25 injured, 300 rescued
  9. @sureshpprabhu should stop wasting his time on the bullet train and focus only on safety and hygiene and better productivity #TrainTragedy
  10. #TrainTragedy 1 man tried to escape by climbing the roof & was electrocuted: Eyewitness
  11. #TrainTragedy | This is not a location identified as vulnerable, says Railway Board chairman @RailMinIndia 
  12. In the 21st century trains fall in the river,people die in these accidents & We say V are a developed & a powerful nation.Sad.#TrainTraged
  13. Railway spokesperson: Still rescuing people trapped in coaches | Times Now #TrainTragedy #madhyapradesh
  14. Members of world's most CorruptParty sermonising on morals is the longest ComedySerial @digvijaya_28 #TrainTragedy 
  15. #TrainTragedy: Team is reaching there, they will assess situation and only then operation will conducted: OP Singh, DG NDRF | ANI
  16. UPDATE: MP #TrainTragedy: Death toll rises to 16, Army joins NDRF in rescue operations.
  17. Any word on estimated casualties of the #TrainTragedy in Madhya Pradesh??
  18. Indian railway infrastructures needs upgradation @PMOIndia @sureshpprabhu Please Fastrack the upgradation process #TrainTragedy @SureshM46
  19. Indian railway infrastructures has aged up hence the risk of such tragedy is always looming @PMOIndia @sureshpprabhu #TrainTragedy
  20. Twin train tragedy after flash floods: Ground report from Harda, Madhya Pradesh #TrainTragedy

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