Thursday 6 August 2015

20 Legendary #Ashes2015 Tweet Trending On Twitter.

Here we are sharing 20 Legendary #Ashes2015 Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. Following #Ashes2015 cowering on a wind-blasted, fog-covered hillside in north Iceland. I'm guessing the Aussies would happily swap places
  2. To Extras being your highest score #Ashes2015 #BROAD 
  3. I'll never forget how bad it felt in the 90s when Shane Warne ripped through us like he needed a wee. Makes this sweeter #Ashes2015
  4. Don't worry Aussies - the Ashes might not be heading your way but we are! See our site for info on our free violin valuation days #Ashes2015
  5. Well, 34-2 normally isn't great, but today ...#Ashes2015
  6. Just seen the cricket score - got to say that's pretty impressive stuff! #Ashes2015
  7. This innings will be the first one to have 'Extras' as the top scorer xD @StuartBroad8 you beauty! #Ashes2015 #AussiesMessUp
  8. Come on root !!! #Ashes2015 #ENGvAUS
  9. Good to see the @AFL MRP multi tasking and doing DRS #Ashes2015 #ENGvAUS
  10. Well bowled @StuartBroad8 , love smashing the Aussies up. #Ashes2015 #pomicide
  11. Come on Aussies. Can you really be this bad this innings? Shame, shame, shame. You have ALOT of catching ip to do next innings. #Ashes2015
  12. England will be all out for 110 on this wicket. #Ashes2015
  13. Good #multitasking effort today! Keeping up with #Ashes2015 on #TMS whilst presenting talk at #ICCB2015 conference #scientistlife :-)
  14. One for the statisticians: In Ian Bell's last eight Tests, he has been out for 1 in the first innings in five of them #Ashes2015
  15. Girlfriend: Come over. Broad: Can't sorry. Got a match.Girlfriend:Myparents are away. Broad: ... #Ashes2015
  16. The only way Michael Clarke is getting big runs at the cricket is if he downs a pint of chicken vindaloo at lunch. #Ashes2015
  17. 8-15...... 8-15..... That's a criminal waste of a record over an idiot like Broad. #Ashes2015
  18. England in reply to Australia's 60 all out in first innings are 34/2 (13.5 ov) . Ian Bell goes for 1 . #Ashes #Ashes2015
  19. #Ashes2015 Oh dear, I hope we haven't all counted chickens. We're still 26 runs behind with ONLY 8 wickets remaining, hee hee!
  20. Weird is'nt it? Normally at 34-2 we'd be moaning & groaning but today all it elicits is a slight shrug...#Ashes2015

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