Thursday 13 August 2015

20 Marvelous #meteorshower Tweet's Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 20 Marvelous #meteorshower Tweet's Trending On Twitter

  1. Tonight's forecast calls for Chicken McNuggets. #MeteorShower 
  2. #MeteorShower  New story on NPR: The Perseid Meteor Shower Is About To Peak.
  3. Big Bang by Lincoln Harrison: #MeteorShower 
  4. Amazing photo from Gavin Kelly Photography of #MeteorShower  and Milky Way from Aran Islands! 
  5. when you see something flashing in the sky & you think it's a meteor but it turns out to be an airplane #MeteorShower 
  6. Laying on the ground, looking up at the sky and realizing how small we are to this beautiful and amazing world.. #MeteorShower 
  7. Getting ready to wake up my son so he can see the #MeteorShower 
  8. Got my blanket and pillow. Heading out to the bluff to watch the #MeteorShower  and sleep beneath a canopy of stars. Just do it!
  9. please share your wonderful photos from last night :-) #MeteorShower  #meteorwatch 
  10. Some y'all need to take a real shower instead of worrying about the #MeteorShower 
  11. When you see a meteor, you see a tiny pebble 4.5 billion years old, 70 times older than the dinosaurs, in its final second. #MeteorShower 
  12. This #MeteorShower  is crazy. Fav this if you've seen it!
  13. When you see a meteor, it's moving fast enough to hit you in 1.5 seconds, but the air burns it up to stop that from happening. #MeteorShower 
  14. Grains of icy rock will streak across the sky and evaporate into Earth's atmosphere tonight! #MeteorShower 
  15. Things you realize when watching a #MeteorShower : you're a bacteria, on a spore, on a mushroom, in a jungle on a planet floating in infinity
  16. The average meteor is less than a millimeter in size. You can see it from 150 km away because it's over 2000°C. #MeteorShower 
  17. Reading #MeteorShower  tweets. So many experiencing the magic & smallness of receiving language from the universe for 1st time. I love it.
  18. Standing in a field trying to spot meteors reminds me how stupid and insignificant some of the stuff I worry about is. #MeteorShower 
  19. Got everything I need for this #MeteorShower . Cooler full of Icehouse. Some 'Tallica on the stereo. And my gun to shoot the meteors down.
  20. #MeteorShower .   Let me tell you people I know all about meteor showers I'm an expert at everything 

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