Monday 3 August 2015

20 Outstanding #GetFree Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing 20 Outstanding #GetFree Tweet Trending On Twitter. 

  1. 'Free' LIVE @TwitterAU's #Blueroom. Enjoy! #GetFree
  2. always nice seeing Cody Simpson #getfree
  3. Sent so many questions cody ignored them all #getfree Maybe next I hope I worked hard against
  4. Whose your biggest inspiration @CodySimpson @TwitterAU #getfree
  6. So does this mean you won't be playing your old songs at your concerts?? Can we get a mix pleeease #GetFree @CodySimpson
  7. Is that music you made with Justin gonna come out one day? #GetFree
  8. @CodySimpson is heading into the @TwitterAU Blue Room today. Tweet your questions now with #GetFree
  9. "Honestly, I'm sort of impartial. Not burning up." [about @GiGiHadid and @joejonas] #GetFree #KIIS1065 
  10. Oh wow, Jackie did a BAD ONE! 7.4 MILLION people think @CodySimpson is going to be a dad! #GetFree
  11. psyched to be home! hosting a video Q&A and jamming @twitterau at 4pm. tweet your questions with #getfree
  12. Aussie superstar @CodySimpson hits the #BlueRoom for a Q&A this arvo! Tweet Cody your q's with hashtag #GetFree
  13. Big week ahead! Out celebrating @CodySimpson @TwitterAU @ANZ_AU #cheers #getfree
  14. "Nobody cares that you're struggling to survive until you do something illegal to try to fix it." #GetFree
  15. We have just posted "Free" Twitter icons and headers! Make sure to check them out! :) #GetFree
  16. Congrats to all the lucky winners of @CodySimpson tickets! #GetFree #FeelFree
  17. Proud of my people who held the line after being pepper sprayed refusing to leave until "our" 14yr old child was released #M4BL #GetFree
  18. I need to stop comparing myself to others it's a horrible habit but cody is actually helping in ways of his tweets & music love it #getfree
  19. Who is stoked for Cody Simpson's concert in Manila on Aug 12? Buy your tix now! #FeelFree #GetFree #CodySimpsonMNL 
  20. 'She just wanna be cool and doing what she do, a bad feed swaying to a laid back beat, she just wanna be free' #feelfree #getfree

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