Friday 14 August 2015

21 Phenomenal #AusWantsReflectionTour Tweet's Trending On Twitter

AusWantsReflectionTour of Fifth Harmony

Here we are sharing 21 Phenomenal #AusWantsReflectionTour Tweet's Trending On Twitter.

  1. Ok but honestly #AusWantsReflectionTour cause we need to get @camilacabello97 real Koala hugs!!!
  2. Who wants to bet that when they come they perform on x favtor #AusWantsReflectionTour
  3. #AusWantsReflectionTour  @FifthHarmony we miss you so much and can't wait to to be able to see you live in concert here in Australia
  4. hey guys help Aussie harmonizers by trending #AusWantsReflectionTour
  5. RT or else you won't get good tickets lmaooo #AusWantsReflectionTour
  6. Hey @Smallzy do you think Australia will get @FifthHarmony to tour here?? #AusWantsReflectionTour
  7. Normani loved strutting her stuff like always, we need her beauty back here soon! #AusWantsReflectionTour
  8. @SonyMusicAU @FifthHarmony #AusWantsReflectionTour @dinahjane97 I would do anything
  9. So uhh, spam alert from me right now! Haha #AusWantsReflectionTour
  10. @FifthHarmony when's the Australian tour? #AusWantsReflectionTour
  11. We really want you girls back here @FifthHarmony @SonyMusicAU #AusWantsReflectionTour
  12. #AusWantsReflectionTour cause the girls will be such a huge hit here with the Reflection Tour
  13. are you ready mates?! #AusWantsReflectionTour let's try trend it in Aus
  14. 4 minutes! Get ready everyone! Don't forget to include @SonyMusicAU & the girls in some of your tweets #AusWantsReflectionTour
  15. It's almost half an hour until we start our trend #AusWantsReflectionTour, are you ready?
  16. Are you ready for tomorrow's trend? #AusWantsReflectionTour - 4pm AEST! Be there or be square
  17. I miss my girls so fucking much I need them to come back #AusWantsReflectionTour
  18. Spread the word! This Friday (August 14) at 4pm AEST we will be trending #AusWantsReflectionTour - details here. 
  19. Stay tuned pals for more information on the trend #AusWantsReflectionTour
  20. YES PLEASE @FifthHarmony #AusWantsReflectionTour
  21. Hey Aussies, since we all really want the tour to come here, who would be keen on helping us trend #AusWantsReflectionTour at some point?

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