Friday 21 August 2015

23 Flawless #BadInFlightAnnouncements Tweet Trending On Twitter


Here we are sharing 23 Flawless #BadInFlightAnnouncements Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. Kiss your loved ones, tonight's hashtag is #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  2. The fuel light's on Gary, we're all gonna die! We're gonna die! ... Wait, nope that's the intercom light, my bad. #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  3. #BadInFlightAnnouncements the controls are a little bit different to GTAV but I'll try my best.
  4. #BadInFlightAnnouncements we have a slight problem, hope everyone's dental records are up to date.
  5. "This isn't your captain speaking." #BadInFlightAnnouncements @midnight
  6. #BadInFlightAnnouncements HACK. Clash of Clans Gems,Gold, elixirs generator. ONPAGE GENERATOR.. NO PASS NEEDED 
  7. #BadInFlightAnnouncements "I'm Darren Gibson, and I'll be your pilot today"
  8. It's your Captain speaking, I'm the one in the parachute to your left. #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  9. "If anyone spots a bit of land they recognise, please make yourself known to the cabin crew." #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  10. #BadInFlightAnnouncements If you have more than 1 child please choose your favourite now & in the event of an emergency fit their mask first
  11. #BadInFlightAnnouncements If you look over to your right you'll see @united airlines flight 1202 challenging us to a race...Buckle up folks.
  12. #BadInFlightAnnouncements For in-flight entertainment today, the Captain has decided to see if the Bermuda Triangle really exists.
  13. #BadInFlightAnnouncements 'Something's wrong with the left phalange' 
  14. #BadInFlightAnnouncements This is your pilot, R. Kelly. I have no training, but I believe I can fly. @midnight
  15. Please stow your babies in the overhead bins @midnight  #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  16. "I've made a huge mistake."  #BadInFlightAnnouncements @midnight
  17. #BadInFlightAnnouncements We're at an altitude of 10 feet. If you look to your left, you'll see pedestrians running and screaming. @midnight
  18. #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  19. "This is your NEW captain speaking. Four flightless birds are now taking over." #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  20. "This is your captain, Whip Whitaker, and today I'll be flying at an altitude of Vodka and Orange Juice." #BadInFlightAnnouncements
  21. Be cool guys. Be cool. There's a cop behind us. #BadInFlightAnnouncements @midnight
  22. Alright folks, let's all have a listen to my demo tape. #BadInFlightAnnouncements @midnight
  23. This is your captain, my wife just left me and I really have nothing to live but welcome aboard!  #BadInFlightAnnouncements @midnight

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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