Friday 28 August 2015

#AFLCatsPies Tweet Trending On Twitter.

#AFLCatsPies Tweet Trending On Twitter.

Here we are sharing #AFLCatsPies Tweet Trending On Twitter.

  1. Not far away from the first bounce at the 'G. Travis Cloke is OUT with a calf injury. #AFLCatsPies
  2. If this story doesn't inspire, I don't know what will. GO CATS! #MenzIsBack #AFLCatsPies
  3. It's like two extra weeks of elimination finals for @GeelongCats this year. A 12-goal first quarter would settle nerves nicely. #AFLCatsPies
  4. Here's to a great game @DanielMenzel10. An inspiration for many young people. Resilience and persistence #AFLCatsPies
  5. Will the Cats keep their #AFLFinals hopes alive? Follow #AFLCatsPies live in the Match Centre
  6. @camolufc Cloke is out pies need to find 1 goal somewhere lol #AFLCatsPies
  7. Crowd tonight is like Carlton vs anybody. #AFLCatsPies
  8. A Friday night match that isn't Hawks #AFLCatsPies
  9. Let's bring this one home boys. And welcome back, Daniel Menzel - everyone is so proud of you. GO CATS!!! #AFLCatsPies
  10. Cloke is a late withdrawal. The key forward injured himself in the warm up. White takes his place #AFLCatsPies
  11. So excited for and proud of my good mate @DanielMenzel10. #inspirational #AFLCatsPies
  12. Daniel Menzel returns tonight after 1449 days in between games...or about 4 Carlton wins. #AFLCatsPies
  13. I've had one knee reco, that was bad enough, couldn't imagine having four! Go well @DanielMenzel10 you are amazing! #AFLCatsPies
  14. Balme: "Daniel Menzel's been through so much to get where he is tonight. I have a tear in my eye." #AFLCatsPies
  15. I can't wait to sit down & watch @DanielMenzel10 tonight after 4 Reco's.Clearly never lost sight of his dream #Thatsresilience #AFLCatsPies
  16. Pumped to see @DanielMenzel10 pull on the hoops tonight & be back doing what he loves most! Best of luck brother #MightyCats #AFLCatsPies

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