Saturday 1 August 2015

10 Tweets on #YorkshireDay Trending On Twitter

YorkshireDay is celebrated on 1 August to promote celebrated in 1975 as "a protest movement against the local government reform in 1974" the historic English county of Yorkshire, the date alludes Yorkshire Ridings Society, initially in Beverley, the Battle of Minden, and also the had fought anniversary of the liberation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834 for Yorkshire MP William Wilberforce

Here we present 10 Tweets on #YorkshireDay Trending On Twitter:

  1. "What... is a week-end?" - Violet Crawley Happy #YorkshireDay #DowntonAbbey
  2. #yorkshireday... 3 local pubs that are fantastic for Yorkshire pudding lunches 
  3. It’s #YorkshireDay, so we teamed up with @YorkshireTea to give away a year’s supply of TEA!
  4. No finer way to celebrate #YorkshireDay @YorkshireTea
  5. Flippin' 'eck love it's #YorkshireDay ...Happy #YorkshireDay from a Sheffield lass.
  6. Happy #YorkshireDay! Time to indulge in some Rascally behaviour. #RascalFace
  7. If #YorkshireDay can be a thing then I officially declare today #JRockDay. Tweet with compliments and pleasantries when you're ready. /JRock
  8. It's #YorkshireDay so no wonder why it's cloudy and rainy here
  9. Get in @hullkr_online mekin' it an all Yorkshire final! #YorkshireDay
  10. On #YorkshireDay I remember the wise words of my gran "Nowt time, Nor brass can change thee lad, cause you're Barnsley bred and born."

Feel Proud to be Yorkshire - Happy Yorkshire Day : -

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