Wednesday 26 August 2015

#GoBackKejriwal 16 Kickass Tweet Trending On Twitter

#GoBackKejriwal 16 Kickass Tweet Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing #GoBackKejriwal 16 Kickass Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. It shld read #KejriwalGoBack instead of #GoBackKejriwal but still, it echoes the sentiment of lakhs of Biharis who don't want Rayta politics
  2. What a fall. Now #AK420 supporting convicted corrupt criminal Laloo. Sab mile hue hain. #GoBackKejriwal
  3. #GoBackKejriwal - with you cheap political gimmicks
  4. #GoBackKejriwal is now trending in India
  5. From being the brightest hope to being the darkest nightmare of Indian politics #GoBackKejriwal
  6. Today, a past crusader against corruption is going to campaign for corruption. #GoBackKejriwal
  7. Bhakts saying #GoBackKejriwal as #Bihar 2011 Right to Public Services Act ended corruption in Govt
  8. This hashtag #GoBackKejriwal sounds more like wat we read in History books for "Simon Go Back!!"...hillarious!!
  9. From anti corruption to AAP from AAP to anti BJP, from anti bjp to support UPA and now Anti Modi what a pathetic journey #GoBackKejriwal
  10. #GoBackKejriwal d last time i knew we had the right to go to all parts of our own nation. Bhaisahab India #Kisi ki jaagir nai hai!!
  11. I see this rather unnecessary hashtag on TL. We all know Kejriwal ! U turn le ke wapas jaayega hi ! then why #GoBackKejriwal?
  12. People in Delhi are still waiting for the regularized colonies are forced to remain in slums But CM finds no time for them?? #GoBackKejriwal
  13. Bihar welcomes paapiyans with trend #GoBackKejriwal Cause Bihar knows tht they dont need Anarchy. 
  14. A Prsn Who has no Portfolio attached With his Office till Now went Patna 2 Teach Governance #GoBackKejriwal  I m Proud On U @ArvindKejriwal
  15. Indian politics has reached into the unfortunate era where supporting a gunda like lalu Yadav is called clean politics. #GoBackKejriwal
  16. I wonder how many seats would Arvind Kejriwal get in Delhi if he had allied with Team Lalu-Nitish before Delhi elections. #GoBackKejriwal

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