Monday 31 August 2015

#ManipurBurning hashtag Trending on Twitter

#ManipurBurning hashtage

Here we are sharing #ManipurBurning hashtag Trending on Twitter.

  1. Really hot evidence that @INCIndia is a complete FAILURE with cartoons like @OfficeOfRG as leaders...#ManipurBurning 
  2. Hightime For Our MSM To Go Beyond Investigative Journalism On #SheenaBora Case,Courts Are There For That & Cover The #ManipurBurning  Instead
  3. Dear morons, Manipur is ruled by @INCIndia, not BJP. So dont blame PM @narendramodi as that makes y'all look foolish, despo. #ManipurBurning 
  4. Manipur is @INCIndia ruled state so liberals and Media will never focus,they only care for BJP ruled states. #ManipurBurning 
  5. People of Manipur #ManipurBurning  is not a big issue for MSM as long as its not BJP ruled, If U want to be heard then Vote 4 BJP Next time.
  6. Indrani had sandwich , Indrani fainted , Indrani blah blah  ...This is Quality  and standard of  Indian Media .. #ManipurBurning   Blank !!
  7. Indrani , Jasleen are more interesting than #ManipurBurning  because can't touch Italian Mommy's @INCIndia
  8. Whole Media in deep sleep Because #ManipurBurning   is under @INCIndia  rule !!!
  9. @INCIndia why media is silent on #ManipurBurning  Why no news ? Media interested in sandwitches of Indrani Not in plight of people of Manipur
  10. Another riot created by congress but media Wont show this bcz Riots are nt there In Bjp rulled state #ManipurBurning 
  11. Deshdroh i @INCIndia punk @ManishTewari what model of Sonia dynasty being used in Manipur Please RT #ManipurBurning  
  12. #ManipurBurning .. total curfiew across state.. and media is interested in Sheena/Peter Bcoz it is ruled by Cong??
  13. @dna very late information. Much more has happened.. More than 4 people killed, more than 40 injured and more houses torched.#ManipurBurning 
  14. #ManipurBurning ..just in..4 killed and 40 more injured and it still continues..
  15. What on earth is happening in North East India? #ManipurBurning  - hoping for sanity and peace.
  16. #ManipurBurning  & flood in Assam nt an issue. Media is being collectd suspence story of high profile call girl wit murder case.

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(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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