Friday 28 August 2015

#MyRakhiMoment Tweet's Trending on Twitter

#MyRakhiMoment Tweet's Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing #MyRakhiMoment Tweet's Trending on Twitter

  • Moment whn u made something 4r me with lv & I didn't give u a compliment then u were sitting alone sad & I gave u a chocolate #MyRakhiMoment
  • when my sister cooks delicious food for me #MyRakhiMoment @religarehealth
  • when my sister used to help me complete my homework ! #MyRakhiMoment @religarehealth
  • moment when she got me the watch I so wanted #MyRakhiMoment  @religarehealth
  • @religarehealth she always make sure that I get what I want! #MyRakhiMoment
  • Congratulations @religarehealth, #MyRakhiMoment is trending in India 
  • @krmayank13 @religarehealth Awww! Behen log are BEST #MyRakhiMoment
  • #MyRakhiMoment When my bro always helped me in solving my Problems! @religarehealth
  • The moment when we fought with others for each other #MyRakhiMoment
  • When you bought mobile for me from your saving pocket money!  #MyRakhiMoment
  • That moment when my sis stood by me through thick n thin #MyRakhiMoment  @religarehealth
  • When you fight your friends to protect me. #MyRakhiMoment
  • The moment when you do fight with me on every silly thing. #MyRakhiMoment @religarehealth
  • When you cook Maggi for Me at 2AM #MyRakhiMoment
  • That moment when she got me the watch I so wanted #MyRakhiMoment  @religarehealth
  • #MyRakhiMoment when i save my sister from mom's scold as i love her a lot
  • #MyRakhiMoment The moment when you used to stay awake and help me complete my summer vacations homework on time.
  • The moment when we take cookies from upper shelf & eat it #MyRakhiMoment
  • That moment when you threw me a surprise birthday party @religarehealth #MyRakhiMoment

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

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