Monday 10 August 2015

Outstanding #SayThanks Tweet Trending On Twitter

Thank you Sir

Here we are sharing Outstanding #SayThanks Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. I want to #SayThanks to mom for taking a good care of me and pampering me a lot
  2. I wanna #SayThanks to @MagicianBoBo and @GaurangBhardwa1 for keeping my TL alive and kicking always
  3. Thank you @htTweets for such an initiative! I wanna Thank you for bringing smiles on my loved one's Faces! #SayThanks
  4. Saying “thank you” can be hard. But it’s so important. #SayThanks @HTtweets
  5. I want to #SayThanks to the sweepers who make sure we breathe clean @htTweets
  6. #SayThanks to all actors for entertaining me #SayThanks
  7. I wanna #SayThanks to my car driver ,it's because of him I can have a smooth schedule :)
  8. #SayThanks to that one Crazy Friend who was always ready to bust out the dance moves with me.
  9. We have to #SayThanks to all of u for making #Baahubali India's Biggest Blockbuster. Its #TimeToLive the Epic again!! 
  10. I want to #SayThanks to the world's atmosphere for holding up oxygen & making it worthy for living.
  11. I want to #SayThanks to my mom for everything! Love you Mumma :-*
  12. i wanna #SayThanks to AK for bringring aweness against corruption in society
  13. Heartwarming campaign by @htTweets #SayThanks Just two words, but they matter so much 
  14. I would like to #SayThanks to all of my fans & my friends who supports me unconditionally.. Luv and Respect
  15. #SayThanks to @CastingChhabra and his team for introducing us to so many beautiful characters..Rather B-town should say thanks to you..

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

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